How do you choose the best colours for your home?

Think fast: what’s your perfect kitchen tap?

Not sure? How about your ideal gutter profile?

And is the right bathroom wall tile for you latte, coffee or mocha?

If you don’t know, you are not alone.

In fact, the overwhelming number of decisions new home purchasers have to make can be one of the most stressful parts of the building process.

For most builders this decision making process, known as pre-start, is something that is pushed back on to clients, who are responsible for all the running around and decision-making that needs to take place before building can commence.

Builders usually hand over a catalogue packed with everything from tapware options to colours for gutters and roofing, and leave it up to the client to determine whether a Dune downpipe will work with a Surfmist roof.

That approach also means the client has to research each selection on their own time, heading to places showrooms to rummage through door handles or go store to store in search of the perfect splashback tile.

Only once the selections are made can the client sit down for a pre-start appointment — often taking a day off work — to check whether their hard-won choices are going to break their building budget.

It’s a gruelling task that can leave people overwhelmed and exhausted before a single brick is laid.

The good news is that there is another option.

Now Living prefers to take the pain out of pre-start with an easy, streamlined process devised after years of working with new home purchasers.

In collaboration with expert interior designers, we have put together a range of preselected interior and exterior colour schemes.

Each scheme ensures flooring, tiles and colours work in harmony, making it easy to choose the style and feel you want to flow from room to room.

They also take the worry out of making a design choice you might live to regret.

Since we know each homeowner likes to add their individual touch, we also supply a list of optional upgrades that can be altered with just a tick of a box.

All these steps can be completed in a single, brief appointment, and are designed to maximise the speed and ease of getting you into the home of your dreams.

So the choice is yours — spend weeks getting the runaround or start living sooner.

For more information about our pre-start process and turnkey packages, get in touch or email us your enquiry at [email protected]

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