What’s really in the price? You might be surprised

You wouldn’t buy a new car without wheels. A mobile phone without a battery. A pair of shoes minus the heel.

But that’s the proposition some new home builders end up with.

Building your dream home can quickly become stressful if you don’t know what is included in the price. Some builders advertise what is called ‘turnkey’ pricing, which literally means you can turn the key once the building process is completed and start living. Others simply advertise a price for the home build itself, and there can be thousands of dollars of additional costs needed to finish your home.

Take siteworks, for example.

These are the necessary earthworks, connections to power, water, sewerage and gas, and installation of things like soak wells that all need to be completed before your build takes place.

While the price will vary depending on the block, siteworks normally cost between $10,000 and $20,000 — which can be a shock if that expense is not incorporated in your initial budget.

Other major costs include internal painting throughout — another big-ticket item worth thousands — window blinds or curtains, flooring coverings throughout and brick paving.

Even little things such as a letterbox, clothesline and TV antenna are necessary for everyday living but get left off the ‘standard’ builder inclusion list.

These items are all ‘turnkey’ and if a price is advertised as this way then chances are they will be included in the cost of the house. The best advice is to ask you builder directly about what is included, and what isn’t included in the price.

At Now Living when we say everything is included, we mean it. All our homes are ‘turnkey’ fixed price* packages, so you don’t have to pay more to start living — just pack your bags, choose your furniture and pick a date to move in, knowing everything has been taken care of … right down to the clothesline.

Building your new home should be an exciting experience, and it can be — so long as you are aware of any extra costs that might be involved in making it a home you will love from the day you move in.

For more information about what is included in our home packages, get in touch or email us your enquiry at sales@nowliving.com.au.

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