The perfect solution to an eight month long search for a new family home

drummond-precinct_terrace-range-homesFor Michelle Kivits, Now Living’s Terrace range at the Drummond Precinct was the perfect solution to an eight month-long search for a new home for her family.

The Kivits had sold their Yanchep house and were renting in Aveley, scouring the real estate market in the area, when Michelle came across the Terrace range online.

“I’d been actively looking for a while and wasn’t sure whether I wanted to build or to buy established,” she said.

“I’d been keeping an eye on what you could get for what price in the area – I’d had a look at some previous townhouses but aesthetically I wasn’t confident that they were going to be what I was looking for.

“When I saw the Terrace range online, and checked out all the details on the website, it was really attractive from the outset.”

What had caught Michelle’s eye was a four-bedroom, two-bathroom Terrace home in the [email protected] precinct, in the heart of Ellenbrook’s town centre.

The Now Living-designed residence sits on a 126sq m block, with a narrow frontage, but offers an astonishing astonishing 156sqm of living space that includes a garage, storage room and balcony.

“It has a very narrow frontage but clearly they’re getting a lot in there – we’re not giving anything up other than a big yard,” said Michelle

“Aesthetically it looks really great, and you think of Subiaco when you look at the street frontage.”

The house will be a family home once completed, with one of the bedrooms converted into a study or home office. The Kivits also selected the large oven for their new kitchen – key for their 23-year-old daughter Hannah, who is a pastry chef.

Longer term, the house may become an investment property, with Michelle confident the home’s size, location and look will make it an attractive prospect for tenants or give it broad market appeal should they decide to sell in the future.

Having built four previous homes over the years, the Kivits have had some experience with builders – and say they’re very happy with the service and attention to detail offered by Now Living.

“I hadn’t come across Now Living before, but Amy, who assisted us through the entire process, was really helpful,” she said.

The icing on the cake was the fact that their new home would be turnkey – meaning the Kivits would take the keys to a fully completed house, with nothing left to do.

“When we’ve built before they haven’t been turnkey, and that meant when moved in it was around another $40,000 to $50,000 to complete the house by the time we got curtains, carpets, painting and so on. You don’t think about that at the time,” said Michelle.

“Even to buy an established house, you’d be looking at another $30,000 to paint it, spruik up the gardens, redo the carpets and so on… to make it your own.

“We spent months looking for the right house as well really wanted to make sure we were getting value for money – and really this has ticked all those boxes. What’s not to love?”


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