Getting the most out of your outdoor entertaining area

We’re lucky enough to experience some gorgeous weather here in Perth, so why not make the most of it by entertaining family and friends outside? Here’s some of our top tips for preparing your outdoor entertaining area for your next social gathering.

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Seamless house design

Nowadays, the outside area is seen as an extension of the inside area. Therefore the key to a successful outdoor space is helping your home flow seamlessly between the inside and outside. Aussies are known for their love of the outdoors and contemporary house designs are now reflecting this by blending the indoor and outdoors beautifully. So get the most out of your house and block by choosing a floor plan that’s designed with an outdoors lifestyle in mind.

Now Living have been leading the way in house design by providing the people of Perth with a seamless connection to their natural environment. Our open plan home designs feature an easy and effortless transition between the indoors and outdoors with great proximity to entertaining areas all located at the back of the house.

A sense of privacy

Without closing out your neighbours and boxing yourselves in, it’s important that your family and friends have a sense of privacy while enjoying your outdoor entertaining area. People will feel more comfortable if there’s a sense of enclosure, even if it’s suggestive. Because let’s face it – no one feels comfortable exposed to their neighbours, the cold wind or the western sun!

Simple solutions such as a wall screening of plants, an area to nestle some seating into or even the shading canopy of a big tree can help to create a more comfortable feeling. So create subtle screens by either selecting landscaping and plant options to help direct their view.

These screens are also great for providing your guests protection from the natural elements. In our harsh Aussie climate, having shade in the hotter months is necessary not only for coping with the heat, but for enjoying ourselves in the middle of a scorching summer’s day.

Inject some personal style

You want your outdoor area to reflect your personal style and make your guests feel welcome and at ease. By providing comfortable outdoor chairs with thick and cosy cushions in various areas, you can make sure your family and friends can relax. You may also consider lighting options that create a more welcoming space such as fairy lights and the trending outdoor string lights, which instantly create a warmer mood.

Simplify the logistics

When hosting a get together, you want your guests to feel at home. So prepare yourself and your home to better cope with the logistics of hosting family and friends this summer by making the most of your outdoor entertaining area with furniture that fits a purpose. Start by making sure your furniture fits comfortably in the space and doesn’t dominate it.

You can also encourage your guests to move about the space by setting stables or having different ‘stations’ in different areas. Access to food prep areas whether it’s a BBQ, kitchen or both is integral to having a more relaxed time.  At Now Living, many of our designs consider these logistics, with an open plan living, dining and kitchen area spilling onto a large alfresco to allow for a more continuous and connected sense of space.

Are you ready to take your outdoor entertaining area to the next level? Have a chat to the home design experts at Now Living to find a floor plan that best suits your lifestyle and needs.

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