Opening the door to turnkey: What we really mean when we say move-in ready

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Are you a potential first home buyer looking at property in Perth? If you’re looking to buy or build a brand new home as opposed to an established one, you’ll usually be given two options: either you can choose between a new home design or a turnkey home.

You probably already know what a new home design entails, but you might be wondering what a turnkey home is exactly. Read on to find out what a turnkey home is and what Now Living really means when we say your home is move-in ready.

What is a move-in ready home?

A common misconception when it comes to new construction is that homes are move-in ready when the keys are handed over. However, what many people don’t realise is that most standard packages don’t include all the essentials, like carpets and blinds for example.

A turnkey home, also known as a move-in ready home, is a home that is complete when you move in. This means you can literally turn the key once the building process is complete and start living in your brand new home.

It’s a smart option for new home buyers who might feel overwhelmed by the whole building process. So, if you’re eager to build a new home, a move-in ready house and land package might be perfect for you.

The benefits of a move-in ready home

Saves you stress

The most obvious advantage of a move-in ready home is the amount of hassle it will reduce during the whole home buying process. A great solution to the stress that can often be associated with buying a new home, move-in ready house and land packages lessen the load on homebuyers by offering them move-in ready inclusions as standard, from down-lights to doorknobs, allowing you to focus your time and effort on more important (and fun) things like choosing the  furniture.

Saves you time

As the name implies, move-in ready homes are ready when you are. So by choosing a move-in ready home, you’ll have a pretty good idea of your new home’s finish date, giving you a clear timeline and eliminating the uncertainty around move-in dates.

Move-in ready homes also allow construction processes to be streamlined. By choosing a move-in ready package, you’re able to avoid working with multiple businesses and contractors to install additions to your homes. You simply work with your home builder on decisions like paint and flooring and avoid the miscommunication, time delays and frustration that sometimes comes when working with several different contractors.

Saves you money

Building your dream home should be an exciting time, and it can be – so long as you’re aware of any extra costs that might be involved in making it a home you’ll love from the day you move in.

Take siteworks, for example. These are the necessary earthworks, connections to power, water, sewerage and gas, and installation of things like soakwells that all need to be completed before your build takes place. While the price will vary depending on the block, siteworks normally cost between $10,000 and $20,000 – which can be a shock if that expense is not incorporated into your initial budget.

Other major costs include internal painting throughout, window dressings, floor coverings throughout and brick paving. Even little things such as the letterbox and clothesline are necessary for everyday living but often get left off the ‘standard’ builder inclusion list.

Move-in ready house and land packages take the additional costs out of building your new home for you by coming included in the price. So to make sure unexpected expenses don’t creep up on you, the best advice is to ask your builder exactly what’s included and isn’t included in the price.

Why you should choose Now Living

At Now Living, we live to help by taking the hard work out of getting you into your brand new home. So when we say everything’s included, we mean it. We include everything from the internal painting and floor coverings down to the letterbox and clothesline.

Our move-in ready house and land packages come with all-inclusive siteworks* and no hidden costs starting from just $285k*. All the little things you need to feel at home are included as standard, so you don’t have to pay more to start enjoying your new home sooner. Just pack up, choose your furniture and pick a date to move in, knowing everything’s been taken care of.

Some of the move-in ready inclusions offered at Now Living include, but are not limited to:

  • Internal painting throughout
  • Window coverings throughout
  • Ceramic tiling to all wet areas
  • Specialty carpet to all bedrooms and theatre (if applicable)
  • Quality vinyl flooring to main living area and kitchen
  • LED down lights throughout internally
  • Smart home adaptable technology
  • Stylish European stainless steel appliances
  • Brick paving to driveway, entry, verandah and alfresco (if applicable)
  • Choice of interior designer selected colour schemes from our exclusive range

Make building your brand new home memorable for all the right reasons and choose a move-in ready house and land package with Now Living. For a more detailed list of our move-in ready home specifications, please submit an enquiry form. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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