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If you’re new to the property market, one of the first questions you might ask yourself is whether you should build a one storey or two storey home. From taste preferences and lifestyle requirements to block size and budget, there are many aspects to factor into your decision.

Working with first time buyers to achieve their dreams of homeownership for a number of years, Now Living have great insight into the benefits of both home types and styles. Here’s why we think that a one storey home design is the more suitable option for first time buyers and how it can tick all of their boxes.

The benefits of single storey designs


It’s important to choose a home that will grow with you and your family’s needs. And if you’re looking to purchase your first home, chances are little ones might be on the way (or already here), so planning for the future and making sure your home is child-friendly should be a top priority.

From a practical perspective, single storeys are ideal for homebuyers who might struggle with having a set of stairs. For families with young children, stairs could pose a safety risk to curious toddlers who always want to go exploring. So by having the home contained to the one level, your children are within close reach and it’s easier to keep an eye on them.


Another important factor to consider when buying your first home is the affordability. Generally, low-set homes are more energy efficient because heating and cooling a single storey is cheaper. With two storeys the temperature can vary widely between levels and you often need separate zones.

Not only that, single storey homes also offer lower maintenance costs and more convenience.  They require less upkeep, which means fewer expenses for you to maintain. For example, the roof is not as high up and the gutters, windows and other access points are all on one level making life a whole lot easier for you.


There’s also a lot more flexibility and freedom in the design and layout when building a single storey home. Single storey homes allow for grand living spaces that have modern features such as vaulted ceilings, large windows and skylights, which add a sense of space that many homebuyers are looking for.

Speaking of space, well-designed single storey homes make the most of open plans, inviting you into a space that continues to open out. Part of the appeal of modern homes is the sense of open space we’re all accustomed to and single storeys allow for this. So by utilising clever design techniques, your desire for an open space can be achieved on the one level.

Introducing The Pasadena single storey home design

At Now Living, we understand that your home is part of you and your family’s story; it’s where memories are made, moments are celebrated and life is lived. We also know that not everyone’s the same and based on individual needs, lifestyles and preferences, the ideal home design can look quite different, so offering a diverse selection of floor plans and the freedom of choice is essential.

With that being said, we want to point you in the right direction by introducing one of our latest single storey home designs for a little bit of one storey living inspiration – the Pasadena. The Pasadena encompasses everything we love about single storey living and is the perfect starter home for any first time buyer and their family.

The perfect low maintenance home, the Pasadena features three bedrooms, two bathroom and an open plan kitchen, living and dining space. A separate laundry and garage finish off this well designed small lot home, offering the perfect combination of security, functionality and easy living for any first time buyer.

Best of all, you can view this home in person and see exactly what this home design will be in real life.

If you’re looking to move into your new single storey home sooner, check out our range of great looking home designs now or talk to the team at Now Living today.

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