Ready-built homes: The newest home building trend in Perth

Buying a home is a rite of passage in Australia. An entrenched Australian cultural tradition, the desire to purchase a property remains strong, whereas renting is still seen as a short-term solution. In fact, according to a recent study for Perth, 98% said they would prefer to own their home as opposed to the other 2% who said they would prefer to rent.

For many young Australians, home ownership still feels out of their reach and the research proves this. A new survey of 1,000 Australians by Mortgage Choice in conjunction with research firm Core Data revealed the property market has become so expensive that nine out of 10 Australians are despairing over their prospects of ever owning a home.

Of those surveyed, 67.3% said the market was “too hot” to rising prices and 87% said it was too difficult to achieve the traditional home ownership dream of a freestanding house. But what if we told you this wasn’t the case and that there are other options available to you. Perth home buyers are now turning to cost-effective solutions such as ready-built homes and as a result are getting into their new homes sooner than they ever thought possible. Here’s what Now Living can do for you.

The benefits of a ready-built home

Just as the name implies, ready-built homes come built ready for you. They’re pre-designed homes already under construction that come complete with everything you need to move straight in, offering the perfect solution for people who want to get into their new home sooner. Some of the key benefits of a ready-built home package include:

They’re cost effective

The first advantage of a ready-built home is that it costs less. Everything is included in the sale price, which means no hidden costs. From the house to the land to site works, ready-built homes are an all-inclusive building solution with all inclusions and finishes included as standard.

This will allow you the flexibility to plan your finances and timeframes effectively. These types of homes are usually under construction before purchase, which means you only pay once the build is complete*. Construction progress payments therefore don’t apply, so you can save on the associated interest costs*.  

It’s an easy process

The second advantage of a ready-built home is that it makes your life a whole lot easier. Stress is not a factor when purchasing pre-built homes because you don’t have to deal with a budget or last minute changes. Instead, your home builder takes care of everything throughout the entire process and you can rest assured knowing your block of land has been selected by an expert team in a sought after location.

So without the stress of construction and the faster turnaround times compared to a traditional build process, all you need to focus on is selecting the furniture and moving in! From the internal painting and floor coverings to the landscaping and paving, when you choose a completed home you know everything is completed for you – no fuss, no worries.

Ready-built homes by Now Living

At Now Living, we pride ourselves on our excellent design and construction, bringing you homes that exceed industry expectations – and our completed homes are no different. You can move into an innovatively designed home sooner than you ever thought possible, avoiding the fuss of having to look for a block, start a design from scratch and wait for construction.

So if you’re looking for a home that’s ready for you right now, look no further than Now Living’s fantastic range of ready-built homes. Our completed homes are packed with features and are already under construction in locations across Perth. All our homes are built move-in ready and from flooring to the clothesline, all the details are taken care of for you.

Some of the completed homes currently available by Now Living are located in the following carefully selected suburbs:

  1. Wellard
  2. Brabham
  3. Baldivis

Would you like to know more? We’re always here to help. For a house that feels like a home from the moment you move in, simply fill out a form and one of our experienced sales consultants will be in touch.

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