New Financial Year Resolution – Get into your own home.

Use your tax return to get into your first home!


It’s tax time which means for many of us, a handy cash return is coming up. Will you spend it on some retail therapy OR will you set up your future and buy your first home?

A tax return is great because it is often money we haven’t already built into our budget and, although a holiday or new bag might seem tempting, using your tax return as a head start to get into your first home will turn a relatively small amount of money into a much larger, smarter investment.

Your return, coupled with the $10,000 First Home Owners Grant and stamp duty concessions applicable for first home buyers could mean you save tens of thousands of dollars while putting yourself on the property ladder.

So, what has been stopping you? Here’s some of the most common drawbacks we help our clients through.

“I don’t have any savings”

Not a problem! Through our partnership with The Loan Company we have No Savings Home Loan options AND you can use your tax return to help with the deposit.

Best of all, you only need $1000^ to get started with us.

“I can’t afford rent and a mortgage”

We have a range of options which give you flexibility and choice if cash flow is an issue (and it is, for 99% of us!). We have homes available that don’t require any repayments until completion and, through our partnership with The Loan Company, we can also see if you qualify for home loans which require just a $50 weekly repayment during construction*.

We can also help you pay your rent while you build, up to $430 a week!!*.

“I don’t want to be in a huge amount of debt”

We understand completely, and our philosophy is not to sell you something you cannot genuinely afford. We have strong partnerships with land developers all over Perth which means we are able to negotiate some incredible package prices for you.

See our range of move-in ready home and land packages in Perth starting from $285,000*!

“I’ve been told No before”

So have many of our clients, and we’ve managed to help them reach their dream of home ownership. Have a bad credit history? Shift worker with overtime rates? Don’t feel on top of your debt? Speak to us, we will literally bend over backwards to see if we can help you. It might take a little longer than usual but, we’re a patient group of people and are genuinely here to guide you through the entire process.

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BC 6415. *Terms and Conditions apply.

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