Suzi - November 2017

How we helped Suzi with finance.

"The $1000 deposit was fantastic because we didn’t have a lot of savings. From the finance side of it, it was all smooth sailing. We didn’t have to chase up people or enquire ourselves, you guys sent us in the right direction as to who to call and who to contact and everything was completely smooth and we had no issues with anything what so ever and anything we did have questions on were answered quickly."

How we helped in choosing the perfect home for Suzi.
Everything was up-front, there were no hidden costs at all. The turnkey (move-in ready) was absolutely fantastic. Having the turnkey meant we had no stress moving in as everything was here when we moved in."

How we guided Suzi through the process.
"The pre-start process was fantastic because everything matches. I didn’t have to stress about if this goes with that and do I pick everything out individually as it was all on one board and I knew that an interior designer had selected it. Everything matches beautifully and it’s a really modern home.

Everybody did a fantastic job, I knew that I was talking to the right people and you were all so helpful."


Sheena - November 2017

How we helped Sheena with finance.
Sheena told us our $1000 deposit “set a realistic standard and expectation for everyday people who don't always have excess cash flow". Our partnership with the LoanCo was also a great help in her finance process. "A very knowledgeable and understanding representative walked me through the process. There were a magnitude of questions and items that I didn't initially understand but through time and patience, I was guided and felt confident about the end result.”

How we helped in choosing the perfect home for Sheena.
Our move-in ready homes means you don't have to worry about extra costs to make your house a home when you move-in. “Having a completed home ready to move in to was much more appealing than thinking about all the extra costs that are required after the build.”

How we guided Sheena through the process.
We understand it’s hard to know where to start when looking to build a home which is why our team guide you through the entire process. From location to home design, to a hassle and stress free process in selecting your colour scheme we help make the complex decisions easy.

Sheena felt the impact of being guided through the whole process, “They kept me in the loop the entire way and helped to clarify and ease any concerns I had. This certainly made the process surprisingly hassle free and in turn, quite enjoyable.”

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Richard - October 2017

How we helped Richard with finance.
Richard found the $1000 deposit helpful in securing his home. Our partnership with the LoanCo was also a great help. "Tom was very knowledgeable and was always available and helpful”.

How we helped in choosing the perfect home for Richard.
We helped to find the right block of land for Richard. We were then able to recommend the best suited home design for this block. The move-in ready aspect of our homes was also a key factor in choosing Now Living. "It meant I did not have to do anything at all when moving in".

How we guided Richard through the process.
Our transparent all-inclusive pricing meant no hidden charges or costs were incurred. "Naturally things tend to accumulate as you add in extras, but there was nothing hidden in the costs".

The process of choosing interior and exterior colour schemes was stressful, but our consultant tried to help in in every way she could from providing her recommendations, and showing him images of existing homes to better envision the end result.

"Overall you are very good at what you do and very easy to deal with. You always got back to me when I needed anything. I would certainly recommend you to other people."

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