Benjamin Fletcher

With a passion for coaching and playing baseball, Ben brings a lot of youthful energy and enthusiasm into everything he does, including the workplace. His big personality means he’s always up for meeting new people and making friends with his clients, from the first introductions through to celebrating slab down with a well-earned frothy.

Though Ben loves a good chat, he’s never pushy – instead he’s flexible, honest and always ready to help whenever you need it.

Derryn Mastrangelo

Staying fit and active is a big part of Derryn’s routine, which often includes an after-work run along the coast after a busy day. Having been part of Now Living’s story from the start, Derryn sees his role as more than just a job, and is committed to sourcing the very best deals and opportunities for his clients. Other than exercise, Derrryn’s secret to getting ready is to always remember the bigger picture, and to help you make the best decisions for your future.

Sarah Walton

Sarah is a true master of the perfect spreadsheet, thanks to her love
of organisation. She’s a real people person who thrives on connecting with clients and contractors alike and creating a simple and streamlined approach to solve any problem. Her ambitious and entrepreneurial mindset has seen her organising expos since age 16 and take the lead on wedding and events planning, so she’s always one step ahead.

It’s how she’s always ready for anything, and ready to share that knowledge and passion with you.

Ryan Bonjour

A proud Dad of two and our resident numbers man, Ryan is our go-to for anything related to property finance. With his impressive background in recruitment, construction and finance, Ryan is always ready to help our customers find the very best finance solutions, today and in the future.

He’s a long-term thinker who takes time to consider every eventuality – rushing things just isn’t his style. Instead, Ryan gets ready by considering all the ins and outs of every situation, so you can trust the information he shares is right for you.

Claudine Gindein

There aren’t many things Claudine enjoys more than racing and cars, other than the thrill of helping people and making them happy. As a highly awarded and experienced sales professional, Claudine was previously the number one fleet and commercial consultant for Volkswagen. She is driven to securing the very best deals for her clients, which makes her a valuable member of the Now Living team.

Claudine gets ready for every project by studying every single detail closely, so you can be sure you’re being well supported through your journey.

Brian Bandara

Brian enjoys the buzz of meeting new people and helping them find the information they need. His years of experience in real estate, property management and car sales makes him a real all-rounder, while his other full-time role as a dedicated family man is one he treasures most of all.

Brian’s secret to being ready for anything is by meditating, which he’s practiced daily for the past 10 years. By taking a few moments to pause and reflect, Brian is able to focus on what matters most – helping you.

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